Proctor Architects is a Connecticut based architectural design firm dedicated to providing quality, thoughtful solutions for our clients. We are committed to creating charming environments to live and work in by drawing inspiration from the surrounding context. We strive to design spaces that embrace natural qualities and limit our impact on the environment. We partner with our clients to help them find solutions that work both functionally and aesthetically.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.         Do I even need an Architect?

If you are working on a simple plan and have knowledge of how to develop design drawing, if you are familiar with residential construction and you do not require permits or have any major structural changes, you may not need one. However, If the project is more complex you may want to invest in the services of a professional. Beyond providing Design expertise Architects can provide other important valuable services in the construction of your home. New construction and renovations have many moving parts: there are permits and people to coordinate, plus fixtures and finishes to order and track. While the contractor handles some of this, the architect can be the point person, helping you understand deadlines for items you’re ordering, finding specialized sub-contractors beyond the general contractor’s network, and keeping things moving forward. If you would like more details on the role of an Architect, please download our Free Project Development Guide.

2.      What is your Process?

Creating a good design is a collaborative process. It is a team effort that requires participation and accountability by all team members. As your architects we lead, communicate, and coordinate that team. We work with you to make the outcome satisfying and valued. While each project is unique our initial approach is typical. Below is a description of our typical Design Process.

  • Initial Meeting: We first meet at your home or property, if new construction. We listen to your interests, concerns and needs for the proposed project. This first meeting is free, and it is a time to get to know each other and for each of us to decide if we are a fit for the project.

  • Determine the scope and present proposal: We review the project requirements and discuss the scope and level of service necessary to achieve your goals. We will produce a proposal tailored to the needs of your unique project. We will not push to provide a full set of design and construction documents if all you need is an initial site analysis.

  • Pre-Design: Once we decide to work together and have agreed on the project scope and fee we meet again. We will begin to develop a detailed design brief by giving you a list of questions about the way you live and what your expectations for your new space are. We gather information about you, your family, the neighborhood and the municipal requirements. You are an essential and integral part of this process. The input we get from you is vital to understanding your needs and desires. If we are renovating or adding onto an existing house, we will take pictures and measurements and gather relevant data we may need. It is very helpful at this point to see any drawings, surveys or paper work you may have regarding the construction of your existing home.

  • Design: We look at all the input closely and bring our unique perspective to the situation We begin to sketch plans, elevations and site plan showing the house as it relates to the unique features of your properties. We will work to produce a design solution you are satisfied and excited about.

  • Construction Documents: This is phase is the production of the Drawings and Specifications used for Bidding and Permitting.

  • Construction Administrations: We will make weekly job site visit, review the contractor’s payment requisitions and product submittals.

3.      Will my home design include all the above services?

It can but possibly only a few phases will be required to achieve you desired goals. We cater our services to our client’s needs.  If you are looking for is an initial site and feasibility study, we can stop there.

4.      Can I build whatever I want on this property?

Depending on what you want and if it meets all the planning, zoning, health and building regulations then, most likely yes. However, it is not that simple. Every project and each site are unique and should be properly analyzed before any big investment of time and money are made. For a fixed fee we can produce a detailed Feasibility Study to help you understand what you can build on your property given the existing limitations. Contact us today to get started.

5.      How much will it cost to build?

This is all depends on the project. It’s like asking how much is a car? There are many factors that can affect the price of the construction, such as; Location, are you building a house on the Coast or near a Floodplain? Size: What is your desired square footage? Amenities: Do you want a pool, a tennis court, a dock? Once you have a clearer vision of what you want to build, we can help you calculate a rough estimate. If you would like more details on how to get started download our Free Project Development Guide. In this you will find our building cost estimator to help you have a better understanding of what you can expect to spend.

6. How can do I find a contractor?

We have a good relationship with several reputable contractors we could recommend. We suggest meeting with a few contractors early in the design phase review some of their work and get a sense if they would be a good fit for you to work with. We do not recommend bidding the project but understand many clients feel it is an important process to perform to assure they are on budget. We can also help walk you through this procedure.

7. How much will it cost to prepare a set of drawings?

Our Fee schedule is simple.

Design Services are at an hourly rate until we arrive at a solution you love. Next, we do a quick square foot assessment to estimate the cost of construction, once a rough budget cost can be resolved we move to a fixed fee of construction cost.

*Most architect's total fees fall between 8 and 15% of construction cost for all work shown above.

8. Why charge percent of Construction cost?

Percentage based fees It is the fairest way to bill without tracking every hour. We track our hours regardless of the fee structure and have found the best value to the client is this method.  When charging hourly clients and the architect are counting every minute and dime, which does not always produce the best results. In order to provide the best value and design we concentrate on the quality of work not the quantity time.

9. Can you just get me a permit set?

Unfortunately, no. We are not a drafting service we are happy to provide site analysis, design and full construction document services to our clients. We do not provide a stamp to another person’s designs or drawings.